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Covid-19 News

To combat the Covid-19 virus, all countries in Europe have implemented far-reaching measures to slow down the spread and protect the population. Freight transport is exempt from these measures and continues to provide the population with goods and goods for daily needs as well as the industry to maintain production. Against the current background of the corona pandemic, combined transport in particular is the means of choice for transporting goods over long distances without personal contact.

For the current status of developments at Kombiverkehr, please refer to the news listed below.

13 August 2020: Week 33 - Capacities available on almost all connections

For the 33rd calendar week we can still offer you all relations within our national and international networks except for the connection between Kreuztal, Kornwestheim and Verona.

You can still find all COVID-19-related train layouts in the customer portal of our website. There are no changes regarding the terminal situation. All terminals in Germany and Europe are still in operation. For the delivery and collection of loading units, the Tricon terminal Nuremberg has issued a mouth mask obligation for truck drivers. All changes and measures at terminals currently known to us can also be found as information within myKOMBIVERKEHR.

For all bookings, subsequent entry of important transport data that must be available before delivery is possible via the online booking system. With the contactless order processing we reduce the personal contact between agency personnel and your driving personnel in order to protect their health in the best possible way. Please continue to support us in implementing this important measure through your active cooperation!

8 April 2020: Addition to contactless delivery and collection

We refer to our customer letter dated 27 March 2020. The below-mentioned regulations continue to apply to improve the processes in your and our sense for contactless delivery/collection and minimization of driver throughput times. Please note:

Electronic transport data before delivery (online booking / B2B booking)

Please send updates of transport data in electronic form to Kombiverkehr before delivery. In some cases, this will require adapting current processes in your company or developing your B2B booking accordingly. Please use already existing possibilities (especially via our online booking). In parallel, we are working on further technical possibilities to minimize your workload.

27 March 2020: Contactless delivery and collection at Kombiverkehr Agencies

With the measures communicated on 20 March 2020 we aim to minimise the risk of Covid-19 disease for your and our employees. Furthermore, we are preparing ourselves for the potential case that our agency employees are no longer able to work on site due to a Covid-19 incident at a terminal. Our aim is to arrange contactless delivery and collection. We therefore ask you to strictly implement the points mentioned:


  1. electronic transport data before delivery (online booking / B2B booking)


Before delivery of the corresponding loading unit, all transport data must be available to us and our partners completely, correctly and in electronic form, in particular

  • Loading unit number
  • Weights
  • Dangerous goods, waste, customs information
  • Seals
  • Delivery and collection details


You can send us the complete and correct information in electronic form via our online booking or your B2B interface. If you use a B2B booking, but are not able to transmit all the necessary transport data of the loading units (e.g. customs information), please use our online booking for this order.


Due to the tense situation on site in the terminals (risk of infection due to the long time the drivers stay in the premises) the transmission via e-mail is very limited and only temporarily possible.



  1. document for delivery/collection


If necessary, please provide your drivers with a document with which they can indicate to the terminal operator which operator the order was booked through. The Kombiverkehr agency must be able to see the loading unit number and whether it is a delivery and/or collection.


All necessary accompanying documents must accompany the transport with the loading unit. For the reasons stated above, our agencies will no longer accept accompanying documents from drivers or hand them over to drivers. The only exceptions are the acceptance and the issue of waste accompanying documents in international transport. We will provide further details on the handling of customs consignments in a separate letter.


Only by adhering to the above-mentioned measures, we can ensure rapid and safe clearance even under the current conditions.


In the absence of information, you must expect that delivery and collection of loading units will be refused.

20 March 2020: New rules for delivery of loading units

Effective prevention against the corona virus (COVID-19) requires a social distance between all people. Please instruct your drivers that direct contacts to the operating personnel in the agencies and terminals must be avoided.

In our circular letter dated March 17th, we informed you about the protective measures already taken in the agencies and terminal offices. All measures are aimed at rapid, contactless handling to reduce possible transmission paths and to maintain our performance. In coordination with the terminal operators, we must introduce further measures to protect your drivers and our employees in the agencies and terminals soon.

From Monday, March 23rd 2020, the following measures applies:


  1. The terminals will only handle loading units at the check-in if the driver can clearly name the booked train operator. Otherwise the drivers are asked to leave the terminal area without being checked in.

  2. Previously, relevant order data (e.g. weights, hazardous goods / waste and customs information) could be updated at the local Kombiverkehr agency on delivery, in part by handing over transport documents to the agency employee. Since drivers sometimes cannot well communicate linguistically, it is necessary to carry the information in legible writing on a sheet of paper so that laying this document on the counter glass is sufficient. The usual transfer of information about the handover of a cell phone must also be avoided. This procedure also applies to the pick-up of loading units.

  3. From now on, it is absolute necessary for us to have all transport-relevant order data complete and correct before the loading unit is delivered to the terminal. The initial booking can still be made with provisional information. However, it is required that incomplete bookings will updated in our systems (online booking or B2B booking) before delivery at the terminal. As part of the check-in at the terminals, the dangerous goods labels will recorded on the loading units and compared with the transmitted transport data. If there are deviations from the booking data, it must be expected that loading units will be rejected until the differences are clarified.


We also refer to the General Terms and Conditions of Kombiverkehr, according to which the customer is generally responsible for the correctness of the transport data. With the measures mentioned, we can ensure a significantly faster processing time for all your orders, which have high data quality, and maintain the workability of the terminals.

We ask for your understanding that we will strictly implement these measures to protect both you and our employees. Please instruct your drivers and dispatchers accordingly.

17 March 2020: Operating situation in the combined transport terminals related to COVID-19

The operation of the combined transport terminals continues without restrictions and at the regular opening times.

We want to ask you to pick-up your loading units as soon as possible to keep the available storage capacities on a sufficient level.

We have coordinated preventive measures in connection with COVID-19 with the terminal operators. In the Kombiverkehr agencies and terminal offices, usually only 5 - 10 drivers are allowed to enter the rooms at the same time, depending on the local conditions. In the driver’s waiting area, there is a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between the waiting people. Upon Arrival at the terminal, the drivers must remain in the vehicle until the check-in staff has completed the entrance control. The terminal staff is required to check the vehicles in the order they arrive at the terminal. The drivers will be inform by hand signals. In the crane module, it is necessary for the driver to get out of the vehicle during the unloading and loading process for safety reasons. The drivers should avoid contact with operating personnel within the crane module.

Please inform your drivers about these temporary regulations and request compliance with the measures mentioned!

In order to ensure the fastest possible processing in the agencies, we ask you to collect and transmit complete booking information. Unfortunately, we are currently noticing that due to missing transport data or differences to the booked data avoidable waiting times at the Kombiverkehr agency counters occurs. If possible, please send relevant documents in advance by email to the local Kombiverkehr agency.

We keep you constantly informed about the situation at the terminals and thank you for your support. For further question, please contact us.

17 March 2020: Intermodal offer from Kombiverkehr KG stable throughout Europe

Despite the spreading corona epidemic in all European countries, the intermodal offer of Kombiverkehr KG can currently be used in full. There are currently no restrictions. All trains run according to the timetable. This also applies to trains in Italy.

Kombiverkehr is in daily contact with all companies involved in the transport chain, such as rail transport companies, terminal and network operators, in order to be informed about developments in the individual transport offers. The aim is also to be able to provide immediate alternative offers when any operational disruptions become known on the route or at the shipping and receiving terminals.

As one of the largest providers of intermodal transport in Germany and Europe, we are aware of our responsibility to maintain the system of continuous intermodal transport together with our service partners in the current existing form of extensive networks. In order to guarantee this, we can switch almost our entire organization in the Frankfurt headquarters to remote, so that business operations can also be carried out in a changed work environment.

Kombiverkehr has made it easier for freight forwarders to use the rail for their transports at short notice. Interested parties can contact the hotline +49 69 79505-210.

5 March 2020: Respond calmly with a precautionary plan, be prepared for emergencies

The outbreak of the corona virus in Europe, and in particular its intensity, has prompted Kombiverkehr KG to take precautions to ensure that intermodal transport, an extremely important component of Germany and Europe-wide transport chains, will continue to be available in the event of an even more pronounced spread.

We have developed a precautionary plan which contains guidelines for conduct and measures which primarily support the protection of the health of our employees in the best possible way. We have agreed preventive health protection measures with all employees at all company locations in order to reduce our individual risk of infection in the company. These measures are based on the current recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute and the Greman Ministry of Health.

In addition, the preventive plan provides for measures in all corporate divisions the aim to maintain business operations in the interests of our customers in the event of a quarantine situation at our headquarters or terminal locations. These measures include temporary home office workstations, remote access to all IT applications by external employees or the rapid organization of any necessary diversion of trains to alternative terminals.

We are in close contact with all rail and terminal service providers in order to obtain information about their preventive measures, to recognize any effects on our services at an early stage and to initiate appropriate countermeasures. Our primary objective is to deal with the current situation in a level-headed manner, but at the same time to be prepared for emergencies and to keep the consequences and effects for our company's customers and our staff as low as possible.
At present, all trains are running without restriction according to the timetable. Operations at all served national and international terminals are also running without restrictions.

25 February 2020: Combined Transport is prepared to keep the economy moving

Joint press release by UIRR and its member companies

(Brussels, 24 February 2020)
In view of the COVID-19 infections reported over the weekend from Northern Italy – mainly the regions of Lombardy and Veneto – and the resulting swift actions announced by Italian authorities, the European Combined Transport sector and its representatives in Italy in particular would like to assure the logistics sector and their customers that we maintain our operations and keep transshipment terminals open. All necessary preventive measures have been taken.

Unaccompanied Combined Transport, where the cargo travels without a driver riding along the entire journey of each truckload, is ideal to facilitate longer distance cargo flows throughout Europe in a time when the usual logistics-chains and the continued supply of consumers have come under threat of disruption.

The movement of intermodal loading units and the loading and unloading activities at terminals generally involves local staff, who do not need to travel over long distances. Actors producing CT-chains are well prepared, they have offered the necessary precautionary guidance and protective measures to staff and business partners to ensure smooth operations.
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